This is a list of sites and applications that make selling on Amazon easier. While there are many resources available on the market, these are the tools we use, trust, and recommend. Read more about each by following the links below.

PPC Scope

PPC Scope provides advanced, easy to read analytics for your Sponsored Product campaigns. Review your profitability, ACoS, Conversion, CTR and more and adjust bids right within the platform.


Sellics is one of the leading Amazon analytics platforms, providing several features that can help sellers manage, sustain and optimize their Amazon businesses. Track search rank for specific keywords, optimize sponsored products, monitor your profitability, and even research new opportunities.


FreeeUp is a fast, hands-on platform for hiring pre-vetted online freelancers. With workers from over 25 different skill sets, FreeeUp is a great alternative to the usual process of posting jobs, recruiting, and interviewing several candidates.


eComSpy gives you fast and accurate intelligence for an item before you actually add it to your inventory. When you’re investigating new items to sell, check with eComSpy before you take the plunge.


One dashboard for all inventory data; actionable decision support; automation tools that save time. RestockPro is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that streamlines your FBA business and helps you grow profits.


FeedbackFive is the industry’s leading feedback management tool, designed specifically for Amazon merchants. Developed by eComEngine, LLC, FeedbackFive gives Amazon sellers the power to proactively manage feedback and product reviews. Use referral code FB5-LIZ for a 30 day free trial.


WorldFirst makes it easier to send and receive money internationally. They go out of their way to provide a tailored foreign exchange solution for every payment.

Hello Profit

Hello Profit provides a way to track and manage profit for your Amazon business. No more piecing together various reports to track all your Amazon costs. Drill down into each product and variation and understand how your business is really doing.


TaxJar makes sales tax reporting and filing simple. With integrations with multiple platforms, including Amazon, TaxJar will calculate what you owe in sales tax by state and provides automatic filing for your returns. No more downloading reports and spreadsheets and manually filing returns.


Splitly will optimize your Amazon listings through automated split testing. Test your pricing, images, titles and copy. Splitly uses statistical analysis to find your optimal price and copy and maximize your sales.


Accounting integration for inventory, order management, and shipping. Works with QBO, Xero, Net Suite and 80+ platforms including marketplaces, webstores and inventory management.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a legal team that is dedicated to defending sellers’ rights by applying legal strategies to protect their accounts and handle account suspensions, complaints and policy violations.

Helium 10

The Helium 10 software suite provides a way for you to maximize profit while minimizing the time spent to make your Amazon campaign successful. Choosing Helium 10 will help you optimize campaigns through their research, keywords and more. will finance your next inventory purchase using crowdfunding. Avoid stacks of paperwork and enjoy flexible payment terms.

AMZ Promoter

AMZpromoter builds landing pages and automates a coupon delivery system for Amazon sellers. It provides a simple and effective way to have a responsive landing page, promote it and ultimately get the sale.


Payability is a finance and technology firm on a mission to provide friction-free financing to ecommerce sellers. They provide Amazon and marketplace sellers with daily cash flow and growth capital so they can reinvest in inventory, drive more sales and grow their business faster.